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2.8 inch TFT LCD Module Display ILI9325 with Touch Screen SD Card 240x320



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Quick overview

  •  ILI9325 touch panel controller.
  •  voltage:2.8-3.3V.
  •  pcb adapter for lcd.
  •  one sd card socket.
  •  2*20 Pin 2.54mm double row pin header interface for connecting MCU.
  •  can be driverd by 8051 / AVR / PIC and other low power controllers.
  •  Resolution: 240*320 Dots.


 Backlight power supply (LED pin): 3.2V maximum backlight power (At 3.3V power supply can be connected in series 10 ohm current limiting resistor in series with 100 ohms or 5V down Resistance).
The TFT compatible with 8/16 bit data interface. Switch as follows: Bare screen user through the FPC flexible flat line R1, R2 implementation, a 0 ohm resistor R1 short 16-bit mode, R2 is a short 8-bit mode, 8-bit mode, the upper 8 bits (i.e.,DB8-DB15). Default shipping is 16-bit interface. Module user instructions before purchasing needs eight or 16, if there is no explanation, Default shipping is 16-bit interface. (8 Interface occupy more than 16 IO IO interfaces occupy less eight, but the speed Slower, 16-bit interface occupies more than 8 IO, but faster). Data port level: theoretically can not let the data port level exceeds 3.3V, if we must IO connection with 5V microcontroller data bus, the internal voltage clamp tft with Can be used, but always is not standardized. Sample tests can be done to do experiments, batch Do product, to improve product stability, better use of low-voltage monolithic Machine, or add a level converter IC.

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